Proposal for New Police Station in Old Harbour.

NHVII Commissioner

“Build it and we will come” – this was the thought process of the newly elected commissioner of police Dr. Karl Williams as he listened to the proposal for the construction of a new police station in Old Harbour, St. Catherine. The stakeholder meeting was held recent between the police high commission, Gore Developments Limited and the New Harbour Village II Citizens’ Association (NHVII CA).

The meeting which was initiated by the citizens’ association sought to initiate plans for the construction of a new station by the proposed commercial centre beside New Harbour Village III presently being conceptualized by Gore Developments Limited.

Noting the exponential increase in the housing stock within the Old Harbour area, Commissioner Williams was more than pleased for the timely proposal and expressed that his organization would like to fast track the process so they can get the station as quickly as possible.

Old Harbour has seen a boom in housing development over the past several years with Gore Development Limited leading the charge with multiple developments, most recent being New Harbour Village II and New Harbour Village III both gated communities.

Christopher Phillips, president of the NHVII Citizens’ Association said that the meeting is a continuation of his association’s mandate.  “One of the community’s strategic objective is  to establish and maintain a safe, secure and cohesive environment  and today’s meeting with key stakeholders such as the police and Gore Developments speaks volume to the tremendously impact that New Harbour Village II wants to make within the Old Harbour community” said Mr. Phillips

Meanwhile Mr. Christopher Gore, General Manager of Gore Developments Limited said that his company remains committed to the long term development of Old Harbour and that a new police station will provide greater security to the residents.

Social, Security Community Upliftment Program (SSCUP)

The NHVII Citizen’s Association has also taken the lead in proposing a modern concept for the new police station that will foster mutually strong relationships between the police and the residents. Hence, the formulation of the concept called Social, Security Community Upliftment Program or SSCUP for short.

SSCUP would see the police station be used for counseling sessions, youth programs and mediation. In making his point, Damian Francis, Director of Community Affairs for NHVII said the police have their hands full and communities are better served when there exist mutual trust between the police and community members.

While commending the suggestion Commissioner Williams noted the significance of community policing. “We are actually promoting community based policing. Hard nose crime fighting solutions are not the only solution and a counseling and mediation centre would be ideal” he said.  The commissioner further stated that the police continue to strive for enhanced working relationships with various social groups.

 The meeting ended with the commissioner giving his assurance that his technical team would provide Gore with the minimum requirements needed for a police station.

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Partnership Forged: Glenmore Hinds, Deputy Commission of Police (left), Dr. Karl Williams, Commissioner of Police (fourth left) share a moment with the camera with Christopher Gore, Managing Director – Gore Developments Limited (centre) and Christopher Phillips, President – New Harbour Village II Citizens’ Association (fifth right) along with other members of the New Harbour Village II Citizens’ Association and members of the Community Safety and Security branch of the JCF.

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